Our approach is person-centred, modern, and we co-create a unique therapeutic plan to help you reach your desired goals.

How To Get Started


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Step 02

Yourself and your counsellor will work together to schedule regular therapy sessions, inform you of next steps and begin your journey towards being empowered 


Step 01

Book your free 15-minute consult, get your questions answered, explore compatibility, and find out if we're the perfect fit for your journey to well-being.


Step 03


Meet with one of our counsellors via the Jane App Platform, have your questions answered. Also if you are unsure of what questions to ask, click here for some ideas.

Wellness Workshops

Other ways to work with us 

Speaking and Consulting 

+ Explore the root causes and nuanced dynamics of stress and burnout
+ Acquire a deep understanding of how these challenges manifest and affect
your overall well-being
+ Be in an engaging interactive learning container of other like-minded individuals

Wellness Workshops

These workshops are no-fluff, aimed to help you gain practical and actionable steps to help you reach your wellness goals in a personalised manner. These are open to anyone anywhere in the world and are not therapy sessions.

Managing Stress and Beating Burnout


+ Gain actionable and practical tools
 to help
+ Craft a tailored stress management plan that aligns with your lifestyle and goals.
+ Gain preventive strategies to guard against future burnout
+ And so much more! 


+ Workplace Burnout & Stress
+ Self-Care and Wellness 
+ Mental Health in the Workplace

Speaking & Consulting 

Are you an events coordinator or HR professional wanting to offer a workshop, lunch and learn or require a speaker for an event you have coming up in your workplace or organisation? Then look no further! We offer workshops, consulting, lunch and learns and speaking on topics.


Inquire here 

To get started please reach out to me at info@ashaytherapy or click the link below to get started! 

These are tailor-made and custom-created to fit your organization's needs and objectives.