Book A Free 30- Minute Consult 

Finding a therapist can feel overwhelming and also feel expensive. Before investing your coins, effort and time, We offer a free complimentary 30-minute consultation to see if we would be a good fit and answer any questions you have before investing. Consult sessions are virtual.

It can also feel a bit nerve-wracking, and you may not know what to expect during this consult session but don't worry. I have everything we will cover over here. 

+ What brings you into counselling
+ Goals you have and what you want to accomplish
+ A bit about yourself and background
+ My approach and scope of how I practice
+ Cost, sessions length and my insurance policy
+ Any questions you have

what will we cover during the consultation

you may be contemplating booking a sessioN, but before doing so,


ESTD 2023

Book A 1:1 Session 

These are weekly/biweekly sessions targeted at collaborating and helping you reach your therapeutic goals. Furthermore, tracking your progress in therapy, as your therapist, I provide you with coping tools, emotional support, behavioural skills, homework at times, and so much more! Please note that these psychotherapy sessions are virtual presently. 

I offer 50 and 80-minute sessions. I suggest booking an 80-minute session if there are many things you want to cover, and more than a 50-minute session may be needed. 

These sessions are all about you and you will benefit from sessions if:

Are you ready to jump right in or you are a present client INTERESTED in booking a future session then you can go right ahead below

BOOK A 80- minute session 

BOOK A 50- minute session 

 + You currently struggle with anxiety and depression and feel like it affects your day-to-day activities
+  You would like to feel more confident in yourself
 you would like to learn how to set boundaries
 + Navigate transitions (life, work school, relationship) currently occurring in your life
 + Learn social skills to help you communicate with others effectively
+ Lessen the amount of stress you feel
+ Work through unhelpful relationship patterns you notice within yourself  


By clicking this link here you will be able to book a free 15 minute consultation or schedule your next therapy session. 

We accept all major credit cards, cheque and E-transfers and session cost are as follow:
$175 plus tax for a 50-55 minute session 
$270 plus tax for a 80-85 minute session

$280 plus tax for a 80 minute sessions 

Yes, We do. Please inquire about this rate during your free 30- minute consultation 

We presently do not. However at the end of sessions and after payment has been confirmed. A receipt will be issued that you can take to your insurance for reimbursement. We highly recommend checking with your insurance company to see if they cover insurance for Canadian Certified Counsellors.

We can see clients based in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Colombia, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador for therapy. sessions due to jurisdictions laws